Twin Lakes Festival Camping: With My Molo into Techno heaven!

8. February 2024
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Back to the roots! Into the woods of Brandenburg, only an inch away from the city borders of big Berlin - the middle of nowhere is turning into a party zone in September for a couple of days: The Twin Lakes Festival will flood the woods with beats from the 1st September until the 3rd September 2017. The organizers come up with amazing acts just like that and guarantee moving bones from head to toe. So join the local animals in a dance of the woods.

home-slideshow-panel-01According to the organizers, they “want to bring the DJ's from the clubs to the festival ground”. They expect 4.000 to 5.000 people following the DJ crowd and dance to the electronic rhythms of several techno-decades. Three stages and more than 50 popular and even international DJs will bring you “back to the roots” at the Twin Lakes Festival floor and hit the floor to the beat.

Your own four walls at the Twin Lakes Festival

Not only the festival visitors, but also the My Molo crew will witness the birth of the Twin Lakes Festivals this year and heat up the air with music. Together with the organizers we would like to make you an offer that you can’t refuse:

Twin Lakes Festival Camping

Spend three nights in heaven, our My Molo Lodges with a bed for two, an incredible comfy mattress, power for your technical devices, access to toilets, Wi-Fi, an exclusive chill out area with deckchairs and – to make this package a whole – two VIP-tickets on top. How does this sound? Well, we can top it. The first five bookings are getting one of our famous "My Molo"-Shirts as a free giveaway!

The link to your personal Camping Joy:

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Did you know, that...

...the Twin Lake Festival – the name sais it all. Located between two lakes, festival visitors can take a refreshing dip in the cold water and cool down from a hot dance.

Dates Twin Lakes Festival 2017

The festival takes place from the 1st September until the 3rd September 2017.

Festival Area Twin Lakes

The Twin Lakes Festival is located in a former military base area, which got, just like in Jurassic Park, conquered back by nature over the past 25 years.

Arriving at the Twin Lakes Festival

For further information, please click here:

What do I enter into my navigation system?

52.101912, 14.206611

Twin Lakes Festival Camping & Opening Hours

The camping ground of the Twin Lakes Festival is opening its doors on Friday, the 1st September 2017 at 9 am until Monday, the 4th September noon (12.00 pm). The Camping-Ticket is already included in the regular and valid festival ticket, so no additional tickets are required.

There will be different types of camping areas: Party people with VIP- and comfort-access can get an additional upgrade to the VIP Camping Area with nice gadgets, such as our lodges and other nice amenities. Furthermore, there will be a special home zone for campers, bullies and caravans.

Line Up Twin Lakes Festival

The Twin Lakes Festival follows the musical motto "back to the roots". This is why you can expect a line up which includes techno music from the past decades, mixed with the latest vibes. Acts like Aka Aka, Oliver Schories And Felix Kröcher have already confirmed their sets. For further information, please click here: Line up Twin Lakes Festival.

Ticket prices Twin Lakes Festival 2017

Kombi-Tickets for all festival days are available from up to 65,00 Euro in the official Ticket Shop.


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