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Social partnerships

Since 2016 we have been involved in the Berliner Kälterhilfe and give people without shelter a roof over their heads. For us, this is a project close to our hearts, which we are driving forward with significant commitment and an essential contribution to combating increasing homelessness.
Social partnerships with My Molo
  • "Personal accompaniment and safe accommodation are necessary for regular everyday life. That is why the My Molo lodges are an essential part of our range of services. "
    Wolfgang Willsch Diakon
    Homeless chaplain & pioneer of Berliner Kältehilfe
  • “The sleep lodges have proven to be particularly helpful during the pandemic thanks to their Corona-compliant accommodation. My Molo proves an extraordinary social commitment with its many years of involvement in cold relief."
    Kai-Gerrit Venske
    Fachreferent für die Wohnunglosenhilfe des Caritasverbandes für das Erzbistum Berlin e.V.

Our Mission


St. Pius Church Berlin

Together with the Brot des Lebens (Bread of Life) community, we have been giving homeless people a roof over their heads since 2016. Eight lodges are available in winter as emergency overnight accommodation for the homeless on the grounds of St. Pius Church. Donations finance the project. We help with fundraising & take care of public relations. Costs: 230.00 euros per lodge cover the monthly costs for construction and dismantling, transport & logistics, maintenance, insurance, electricity & fees.
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Total donations: 658
Still missing: € 192
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Caritas Berlin-Reinickendorf

3 mobile lodges for the emergency housing of suspected corona cases.
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Obdachlosen-Hotel Qbe

8 mobile lodges as temporary emergency overnight accommodation for the homeless.
Each lodge has two beds and a power connection as standard. Further equipment options such as a refrigerator, heater, chair and a table can be added. You can find all technical information in the following PDF.
Thanks to the innovative folding technology, the lodges can be folded up, set up, and dismantled quickly. Twenty pieces fit on a truck. A crane or all-terrain forklift sets it up. Therefore, the logistics costs for 20 lodges are only slightly higher than, for example, for two lodges since forklifts and trucks still have to be rented. The more lodges are in use, the lower the logistics costs per lodge.

The lodges can be rented as part of a multi-month winter emergency aid (e.g., from October to the end of March) from 220.00 euros net per month * / residential container.

Sample calculation: Project in Berlin-Friedrichshain as part of the Berliner Kältehilfe for eight lodges from November 1st to March 30th in Berlin with one-off assembly and dismantling.

The price depends on the following three factors:

  • Location
  • Number of lodges required
  • Conditions on site 

My Molo services:

  • Construction and disassembly
  • Complete logistics
  • Maintenance if necessary
  • If necessary, help with fundraising, e.g., through crowdfunding and media approaches
A 32A power connection and an area that is as flat and fenced as possible are required to put the lodges into operation. The location must provide access for a truck and enough maneuvering space for a forklift truck.

Fenced-in areas with existing infrastructure (electricity, sanitary facilities) are best. The emergency accommodation should, if possible, be part of a care offer. The following areas are well suited:

  • Company premises
  • Hospitals
  • Churches
  • Municipalities & Communities
  • Existing homeless projects
There is a strict ban on alcohol, drugs, and smoking in lodges. Furthermore, dogs are unfortunately not allowed. The lodges mean a milestone back into the social system. In addition to security and protection, the lodges are primarily intended to strengthen the residents' sense of responsibility and self-esteem. Therefore, hand-in-hand support is needed.
Just give us a call or send us an email and present your project as precisely as possible. Then we can decide together whether the residential containers are suitable as an emergency shelter for the homeless.

Can in touch with us:
My Molo brings mobile accommodation directly to the location of the event. We create temporary living space and unique overnight experiences for events, festivals, trade fairs or the next glamping vacation by the water.
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