The ultimative festival first-aid-kit: Insidertips for surviving the next festival and hangover.

8. February 2024
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Hangover, drug inebriation or sex-practices which may put you into a painfully position: We got ourselves some professional help in order to provide you from all this with the best possible first-aid-kit for little and big emergencies that may occur at the next festival. Of course we hope that you won’t need it, but you’ll never know… Get your hangover under control and make yourself a name as camp-doctor.

This Festival-First-Aid-Kit won’t only prevent you from getting the worst hangover ever, it will also inform you about the common, little mistakes of medical self-aid.

festival reiseapotheke

packinglist for your festival first-aid-kit

We don’t have to tell you that your festival bag should contain condoms and painkillers. You know that already. This is why we have created the ultimate first-aid-kit for your next festival visit. In order to save you from common mistakes, we have consulted our My Molo house doctor first, who has explained all advantages and disadvantages of paracetamol in combination with alcohol to us. You’ll need more inspiration for your preparations? Have a look at our ultimate festival packing list!

Let’s start at the beginning with all essential things you should have in your personal festival first-aid-ki:

  • Painkillers – There are massive differences you should pay attention to. Our doctor recommends avoiding paracetamol. This drug – as well as alcohol – affects your liver. This makes your hangover to last even longer and doesn’t work as it should be in combination with alcohol. Everybody who gets a sore stomach after the consumption of alcohol or other drugs should also avoid taking Aspirin, as it affects your stomach. Better get some Ibuprofen.
  • Condoms (!) – The number of sexual infections has increased over the past few years in Germany. Especially sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia, syphilis gonorrhoea, herpes genitalis and HPV are more common again.
  • Earplugs – Our house doctor told us a lot of interesting stories about it. In conclusion: Nope, the inside of a bread roll is not meant to be a proper replacement for earplugs. Even though some festival visitors didn’t know how to help themselves otherwise. Doctors don’t get it out of your ears easily. Better stuck with the original!
  • Insect repellent – But still get bitten by a tick? Please don’t try to pull it out yourself. Go find a paramedic to help you. These little assholes love dark and wet spots, so better take a closer look at your intimate parts.
  • Buscopan – Beer shits and you start lacking like the Titanic? If alcohol is the reason why, just let it flow. It has to get out of your system. Don’t take any drugs against diarrhoea. Take Buscopan instead to fight the pain.
  • Hand germicide – Kids, wash your hands and use germicides whenever you can.
  • Oral herpes aid – All the sudden you’re getting herpes, which destroys your hooking plans for the time of the festival. Plasters against herpes won’t help quickly, but remember: After the festival is before the festival. So don’t risk anything.
  • Plasters & Octenisept for disinfection – Attention – don’t take any Aspirin after falling on your head as Aspirin is an anticoagulant and therefore a blood thinning medicine.

Insider tipps for surviving the next festival hangover

Let’s now switch to the little helpers, which you may don’t have on your radar. Little things that you can easily buy in the next supermarket:

  • Electrolyte Powder – Better start early and before attending a festival with a little support of magnesium & calcium for your body.
  • Cashews against feeling down – there is no better way of refilling your dopamine- and serotonin household.
  • Ginger or Neonangin – perfect against bad breath, as they neutralise awful odours. Ginger is also calming down a stressed gastric mucosa (e.g. after vomiting) and a little bit of Neoangin can help you to survive the first hours of the new festival day after a loud and heavy party night.
  • Quark – Perfect home remedy against sunburn. But it has to be cold, so better keep it in an Esky/Cooling Bag.
  • Cetirizine - Best remedy for allergic reactions, such as skin rashes, hay fever or after an allergic reaction due to insect bites. Nevertheless, if you have a heavy reaction, a strong skin irritation, rashes, shortness of breath, swollen tongue or eyelids, better ask a paramedic for help!
  • Soup in a bag – Perfect to fight the hangover. It provides you with important minerals and fights the munchies. It also fits easily in every backpack
  • pexels-photo-75781

Our house doctor has now the closing words for you: „Wash your hands! You should do this as often as possible. If you can’t, grab your disinfection spray or gel and use it to clean your hands. As prevention, make sure that your immunization against polio, diphtheria and tetanus is still up to date. Especially a tetanus-vaccination is so important! You never know where you may bump into or scratch yourself.”

With this in mind, protect yourself, care for each other and help each other at the festival. Fun and Love for everyone!

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