Styling tips from our fashion expert: The Top Festival-Looks 2017.

8. February 2024
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Hopefully, it’s going to be hot festival summer this year. Mona from the Four Flavor Styling Team has created a list of the top festival looks with some must-haves and some inspiring insider tips.

We can already smell that spring is in the air, which means that the festival season is basically around the corner. Time to plan your festival agenda and buy your tickets. God’s gift to women can lean back and chill, but ladies, here’s your challenge: The ultimate festival outfit. It needs to be comfy, suitable for every weather condition and still look fantastic. This challenge needs support! Mona from the "Four Flavor"-Styling Team has summarized her personal top eight festival looks & pieces from 2016. These looks are perfect for the upcoming festival season and a great inspiration for your own look.

Ladies, get inspired! Let the curtain drop for the eight most beautiful festival outfits and pieces from last year …

Festival Looks 2017 - Long hair I care

For all ladies whom need a little breeze comforting their neck when the temperatures are on the rise. The latest hit are around-the-head-braids. These so-called “Boxer Braids“ don’t only look great, they are also very handy. Pro-Tip: Braid your hair before heading off to the next festival – it’ll make you look perfect all the time. Stop worrying about your hairstyle during the festival.

Festival-Look 2017 Boxer Braids 2

Boxer Braids I Source:

Festival-Look 2017 Boxer Braids

Boxer Braids I Source:

Boxer Braids - perfect festival hair look 

Festival Looks 2017 - Choker

Welcome Back! The favourite necklace auf the 1990s has finally returned! The choker is available in numerous varieties. Romantic with a lace choker or more elegant with a golden surrounding or one made out of leather? The choker is the perfect accessory for a simple, but great look! Festival jewellery? Check!

Choker - Choker, a great accessory for your festival visit

Festival-Looks 2017 Choker

Different Choker I Found on

Festival-Looks 2017 Choker 2

Choker-Style I Found on

Festival-Looks 2017 - Neckless Reckless

A gorgeous neck can be very charming! The latest hit regarding festival outfits are so-called Carmen tops, or bandeaus. It’s getting really hot and you still like it to dance in the sun? Than grab one of these tops and make it a must-have for your next festival outfit. But ladies, please, put on some sun blocker first. Red shoulders aren’t sexy at all.

The shoulder free - aka Carmen - Look

Festival-Looks 2017 Stars

Ethno-Style Mandy Grace Capristo I Found on

Festival-Looks 2017 Boho-Style

Boho-Style I Found on

Festival-Looks 2017 - Groupielove

Support your local hero! Why not becoming a groupie? This is exactly what the trendsetters of the former festival seasons must have had in mind. The times of hiding the fan inside of you are over! This trend deserves a big THUMPS UP! Hip hip hooray to the artists and this style!

Groupie Shirt, must-have Piece

Groupie-Love I Found on

Festival-Looks 2017 - Lace Lovers

Grace loves lace! The seductive combination of transparency and floral lace brings back the glamour to a dusty dance ground. No matter if it’s a shirt, dress or cardigan – I am in love with this romantic and wild look!

Lace Lovers I Foun on

Lace Lovers I Found on

Lace Lovers I Found on

Lace Lovers I Found on

Lace Lovers - perfekt als Kleid oder Oberteil

Festival-Looks 2017 - White Jeans

Everybody who doesn’t feel like the classic blue jeans this year is herewith advised to grab white jeans as soon as he can. These jeans will highlight nicely tanned legs and can be combined with any prints and colours!

White Jeans I Found on

White Jeans I Found on

White Jeans I Found on

White Jeans I Found on

White Jeans Festival Look

Festival-Looks 2017 - Jump Jump

Sexy and very handy! A jumpsuit allows you to dance around the festival ground without any worries about your look. No festival without my favourite jumpsuit!

Festival-Looks 2017 Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit I Found on

Festival-Looks 2017 Jumpsuit 2

Jumpsuit I Found on

Jump, my Love!

Festival-Looks 2017 - Boots are made for dancing

What we don’t need? Dirty feet! Boots are the perfect companions – whether it’s muddy or dusty! Boots can be combined with skirts, dresses, shorts or long pants and jeans – a must-have for every festival. I like it!

Festival-Looks 2017 Boots for Dancing

Festival-Boots I Found on

Festival-Looks 2017 Festival-Boots 2

Festival-Boots I Found on

From head to toe – boots are perfect for every festival!

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