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8. February 2024
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Top Festival Styles in 2018: The temperatures are rising, the days are getting longer and the festival season has finally started. Now is just the right time to take a break from the daily routine, to join the coolest festivals around Europe, to move your ass in line with the bass coming from giant music boxes and to shake off every stress. But a festival look will be planned carefully: A correct first-aid kit, the best festival luggage, but most of all, the perfect festival outfit. What’s hot, what’s not – Aileen is going to present to you the Top Festival Looks in 2018 and hottest Festival Fashion Trends.

Festival Styles Trends 2018

What Fashion Trends are the hottest in this year’s festival season? What dress will give you laughter on the camping ground? This year’s fashion trends already look like festival styles (some designers seem to love them). Going to the mall will provide you with a great outfit for your next festival visit. Here are the Top Festival Looks 2018, summarized by Aileen from ‘The Berlin Attitude’.

Top Festival Styles 2018 - Raincoats

Raincoat goes sexy! Everybody who has experienced a rainy festival will love this new trend. Nothing is of more value than a dry outfit when everything else is getting wet. Dance to the music of your favourite live-act and stay dry – this year’s trends are offering a great range of stylish raincoats that will keep you dry and warm. 
You can find raincoats in all colours and designs. Some of them are really hot and even come in quite handy. Pastel shades, see-through, milky with diverse accents and accessories – raincoats and capes are a beautiful and very smooth look that form a great festival outfit.

Top Festival Styles 2018 - Decorated Jeans

The Jeans will „never be out of style “, that’s for sure. Although, in this year, the fashion designers are more focussing on strong contrasts, elaborately decorated jeans, which are perfect for a festival visit. Jeans are sturdy, always easy going and fit perfectly to every festival outfit. The Melt, Rock am Ring or Artlake festivals are great hosts for Jeans owners. You can combine your jeans with almost everything: a tight bikini top, the Band Fan Shirt in used look or a fringe top. Jeans are just never getting out of style!
Currently, the “All Time Favorite” is available with all possible decorations you can just think of: embroideries, pearls, patches or simply colourfully painted. The only thing you have to do is to find the perfect Jeans for you!

Top Festival Styles 2018 - Sequins

Sequin looks haven been a common theme within the fashion market over the past few years. This spring and summer, they are still around and available on jackets, tops, shirts, skirts, accessories and so on. You can definitely find them in your favourite shop. This will pimp your festival look with some glamour. BTW – sequin shirts can also be combined perfectly with the above-mentioned Jeans trend. Make your outfit unique and create it your way. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Even Marilyn knew that. Stand out in another way. The top festival trend in 2018 are diamonds. The bigger, the better. Put them, instead of wearing them on your finger, on shirts, on your breast, the décolletage or even in your face. Jewels instead of bras. What could be more comfy on a festival? Especially when it gets hot. Be brave and wear diamonds at the next festival. This will turn you into a festival queen and if it feels good? WHY NOT?! Self-adhesive diamond bras can be found online and won’t cost you a fortune. Combine them with a glittering make-up and tight shorts or colourful skirts. Give yourself a little glamor boost.

Top Festival Styles 2018 - Swimsuit instead of a shirt

A trend, I personally like most and it has become a main part of my festival wardrobe - swimsuits and bodies, replacing shirts, tops and dresses. Super tight, sexy and colourful swimsuits have replaced the former common jumpsuit. It doesn’t matter if you are choosing a model with the classic colours or one with hot lace, unicorn print, multi-coloured or whatever; it’s totally up to you. Basically every look is going to be perfect for a visit at the beach, the club, a festival or open air involving stages, good music and a lot of dancing. It will make you turn into a fashionista and also, it avoids a lot of packing and keeps your luggage small. On a sunny festival, the combination of fringe jeans shorts and swimsuit will look casually and sexy at the same time. I like it!

Top Festival Styles 2018 - Bohemian Looks

Nothing sais more ‘it’s festival season’ than a proper Bohemian Look. The fussy, romantic dresses with crochet and ethno prints truly bring the Bohemian style to a festival. 
Typical styles are wide, long skirts, jackets with fur look, crochet or embroidered tunica, short jackets, gigantic belts, boots or even cowboy boots and absolutely stylish “hobo bags“. Floral wreaths, feathers, fringes and a lot of jewelleries or bobbles are completing the playful ensemble. This look is making you feel like a girl again. Soft pastel shades or strong earth colours – the boho chic allows almost everything, even a somewhat unkempt hairstyle. This will be perfect for open-air festivals, where no hair dryer or other styling devise is in reach.


Don’t think about colours at a festival – just take whatever you feel like, even when it’s all glittery, sparkling or whatever. Take from your wardrobe whatever you want. Over the top is just the one person, that doesn’t want to attract attention. Usually, there will be a lot of alcohol involved at a festival and this is going to make people being less aware of their surrounding. So what. Wear, what you like, in what you feel comfortable. In the end, it’s the music and people around you that matter, not a glamorous appearance.

Aileen Wauer is a blogger, photographer, video maker, fashion pro and loves festivals. She writes on her blog The Berlin Attitude about lifestyle topics but also every now and then about the daily struggles as a young mother in Berlin. Our absolute reading recommendation is her melt! Festival review 2017 with a glamping review to My Molo >>

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