Our Festival-Flashback: The 12 greatest moments of 2016!

8. February 2024
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What a year! At the beginning of 2016 we may have had a vision of what we want to do, but we’ve neither had the right amount of money, nor the corresponding festival lodges. About 7 months, tons of sweat, a bit of blood and some tears later, 16 festival lodges finally lost their virginity to the splash! Festival. One of the first residents: Peter from the “Pott” (Ruhrgebiet). A permanent camper, festival addict and for the 16th time at the splash! Festival. Challenge accepted! And accomplished. Since then a lot of things have happened. This festival review of 2016 shall become a little reminder of the 12 best moments in and around our lodges:

1. This is what founders and creators look like

mymolo_gruendungMyMolo – the foundation: Yes, we did it! In spring 2016 our vision was officially established. The birth of the ‘MyMolo GmbH’. We turned up at the notary’s office in jumper and with our caps on, what else!

2. Our own home

„A café latte and your wifi password, please!“ We must have had a coffee in almost every café in Berlin. Our car signs became famous within the public order office of our hometown. Time to find our own home. We moved our coffee sessions from Friedrichshain to Hohenschönhausen: Caffeine instead of Champagne.

3. Our new living room

Das ist für die nächsten Wochen unser Wohnzimmer. #festivalseason16 #melt #splash #deichbrand #openflair

Ein von MY MOLO (@mymolode) gepostetes Foto am

We have already tested a do-it-yourself lodge, made out of timber, in 2015. A long journey of planning an inventing until: Our prototype of the lodges was born and ready for the first photo shooting.

4. Foil avoids spoil

Am See schwitzen kann jeder. #Freitagabeins #Deadline #festivallodge #festival #festivals #mymolo

Ein von MY MOLO (@mymolode) gepostetes Foto am

While everybody else enjoyed a good swim at the beach or lake, we were swimming in the sweat of our hard work at Groß Kreutz, the place where our lodge construction hall is located. Timber foil, 64 components and a lot of time pressure – we kept pushing ourselves to the limits.

5. The Camp Champ

IMG_8269It might has been the most emotional moment of the past year: After months of hard work the camp finally got finished. Thanks to our numerous helpers! We stood there with tears in our eyes.

6. Ready for Party


„Are the lodges suitable for partys?“ They sure are! Joe Metzenmacher (DJ, Heideton Records) has proven that our lodges are suitable for it at the melt! Festivals Opening-Party. This party clearly took our breath away.

7. 1001 ways to pee


After all the construction and foundation stress there was only one possible way to calm down again: Joyning the party people: #Livingattheedge! We now know about all the up’s and down’s of the festival spectacles.

8. Deichkind live

Deichkind bückt sich hoch - @meltfestival. #wearemelt #meltfestival #deichkind #mymolo #festival

Ein von MY MOLO (@mymolode) gepostetes Foto am

Working at a festival? There are worse ways to earn some money. One of the best moments in 2016 – to see and experience “Deichkind” live. The Hip-Hop combo maybe got a little long in the tooth over the past two decades, but to watch them rocking the stage, after having listened to their music on a disc man over and over again back in the 90’s, was truly a once in a lifetime experience. Our personal highlight of the great Melt!-Lineup.

9. Mud battle at the Ruhrpott Rodeo


Mud battle at it’s best. The Ruhrpott Rodeo has provided enough mud to extend your mud battle skills – including a course of “How do I perform the perfect belly flop?”.

10. Molotel


Our Molos are – thanks to the latest adding of a heater – now also suitable as a place to stay over night during the cold season. Qbe Hotels – a hotel from Berlin, which is specialized in unusual living concepts, offers our lodges to tourists during autumn and spring.

11. Lodges as accommodations to escape the cold – a matter of the heart


Warm and save! For most of Berlin’s inhabitants this is of nothing special. Thousands of homeless people aren’t this lucky. This is why we have decided to provide some of our lodges as a home during the cold season at the St. Pius Church. People who don’t have a home are now able to spend the winter night in one of our lodges. Some more places to sleep – additionally to the already offered 20 sleeping spaces provided by the church itself. This is at least a small space of privacy during the night for them.

12. Christmas shooting


Jingle Bell Rock: We made our lodges and us ready for the holiday season by putting on our best Christmas jumpers – et voilà – there it is: our first Christmas greeting card.

We wish you all a very Happy New 2017! Cheers,
Mathias, Nico, Julia and Fritz

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