Open Flair Festival Camping: party-tested since 1985 – Oldie, but Goldie.

8. February 2024
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The Open Flair Festival – established in 1985 – is a regional institution in Eschwege, Hessen (Germany). The festival has been sold out the past years (around 20.000 visitors). A non-commercial association with now more than 800 voluntary supporters funded the festival itself. In 2017, visitors get the chance to sleep in more comfortable accommodations than tents or campers.

Party-tested since 1985

DS_Broilers, Feuerwerk, Freitag, Fotograf Carl-Heinz Greim

Foto Carl-Heinz Greim

Who would have thought that the Open Flair Festival is already in its early 30’s? A young team forms the backbone of the festival. Most of the supporters are volunteers, keeping up the young spirit of the festival. About 40 people are working, beside their regular jobs, all around the year to set up this special event that is just as popular as the great, big, commercial festivals every year. Approximately 800 volunteers are taking care of the power supply on the stage, the bands needs and everything else to ensure an amazing party. Many of the campers are sleeping in tents or in an accommodation in the Eschweger city centre. The program itself is diversified – Rock music, art and a number of workshops entertain the crowd.

Open Flair Festival Camping

Hotels and guesthouses are usually booked out one year in advance. Therefore, our lodges offer a cosy and nice alternative to tents and campers. And the best thing is – they are available for the Open Flair Festival at a great, special price: For only 299.00 EUR you and a friend (or your partner) are able to sleep on site in a cosy bed for two, in your own four walls that offer a power supply, a fridge and fan, access to eco-friendly toilets as well as Wi-Fi. All included! Don’t crawl into a tent at night and sleep on the hard ground or walk for ages until you finally arrive at your accommodation in town. Better – sleep like a baby, even though you are where the party takes place – the camping area.

The link to your personal Camping Joy:

Did you know, that...

... there has been a huge cake fight at the Flair Festival, that the first edition of the Open Flair Festivals was located in a castle and that more than 800 volunteers are working at the festival?

Impressions Open Flair Festival 2016

Foto Carl-Heinz Greim

Foto Carl-Heinz Greim

In 2016 the Open Flair Festival hit the ground. The weather gods were smiling upon the festival’s visitors. The After Hour did last until the next morning and everyone who, unfortunately, has missed it – check out the picture-gallery on the Open Flair Facebook page.

Dates Open Flair Festival 2017

The festival takes place from the 9th August to 13th August 2017.

Festival Area Open Flair

The Open Flair Festival area is located on the outskirts of the town Eschwege. Since 1986 the festival takes place on the island Werdchen, in the middle of the river Werra. A lake for a quick cool dip is also just around the corner from there and easy to reach.

Arriving at the Open Flair Festival

The Address of the Open Flair Festival is: Werdchen, 37242 Eschwege
Signs will guide you from the city centre of Eschwege to the camping ground, which is located in front of the bridge gate. For more information, please click here:

Open Flair Festival Camping & Opening Hours

The camping ground is open from Tuesday, the 8th August 2 pm until Monday, the 14th August noon (12pm). Simply follow the signs. For further information, pleas use the following link:

The check-in is available from:

  • Tuesday (8.8.): 2.00 pm – midnight
  • Wednesday (9.8.): 09.30 am – midnight
  • Thursday (10.8.): 09.30 am – midnight
  • Friday (11.8.): 09.30 am – midnight
  • Saturday (12.8.): 09.30 am- 3:00 pm

If you arrive by car, make sure to get up early. The parking lots are limited. First in time, first in line. In order to camp at the festival, a kombi-ticket or kombi-seasonal-ticket with camping permission or a kid-kombi-ticket with camping included is required.

Line Up Open Flair Festival

The line up of the Open Flair Festival is hot: Billy Talent, the Rapper Ssio, Alligatoah, die Antilopen-Gang are some of the popular acts. For further information, please click here: Line up Open Flair Festival.

Ticket prices Open Flair Festival 2017

Day-tickets are available from 64.00 EUR on, weekend-tickets for all days of the festival from 111 EUR on in the official Ticket Shop.

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