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8. February 2024
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DSC06533Music festivals, Open Air – none of Nico Marotz, Mathias Schäfer and Fritz Ramisch’s friends want to miss them. But camping? People in their late twenties start feeling „too old“ for camping in a tent. But a hotel isn’t a proper alternative either! Those three guys had a much better idea: My Molo – Mobile Lodges.

mymolo_gruendungThere comes a time when you start feeling too elderly for a tent. This is exactly what Nico Marotz had to experience during the past years. He went to several music festivals on a regular basis and all the sudden, after endless nights in tents, he simply realized: „I’m getting too old for this!“ One night, Nico Marotz remembers, it was raining cats and dogs and they were late. The camping ground of the overcrowded festival area was packed with people setting up their tents with no chance to hide anywhere from the rain. „We had to set up the tent in the rain. Our mood got swept away just like the ground.“ Not a proper start for the music lovers. „There must be a better way!“, the 31-year-old thought. Another way of how to camp or rest during a festival. „More comfy, more private and no set-up stress. Just a new way of arriving, relaxing and enjoying the music.“

DSC07177 (1)Marotz, Ramisch and Schäfer took a look around. Are there any festival accommodations with ambience and a certain level of comfort? No chance! They found some construction site trailers, offered as festival accommodation, but this wasn’t exactly what they have been looking for. So they decided on taking the matter into their own hands and develop a lodge, an approx. 1.40 x 2.30 x 3 meter big private comfort zone with a real bed, exclusive access to toilets, stowage space and folding table, which can be locked, too. The lodge even provides electric sockets and a mini-fridge! A heating system is about to be planned for the near future version of their lodges. My Molo is has been designed in order to become a common synonym for festival accommodations. The three founders of My Molo have built the first prototype in a garden plot. A simple idea became reality and has the skills of becoming part and parcel of all future festivals. Made out of wood, a popular material often used on festivals. „The first one had some leaks, so we got a bit wet.” Fritz Ramisch smiles while remembering their first attempt of what is now an all-insulated comfy lodge. He actually is the media manager and online-editor, but he remembers their first construction steps.

Nowadays, this is part of the past. The Molos are professionally manufactured in Groß Kreutz, consisting of aluminium layers with a natural wood décor and high-density foam core for perfect weather- and sound-insolation. 32 lodges will provide comfort on festivals around Germany this year. The positive feedback got the three founders by surprise. Not only festival visitors started booking their lodges, even the festival organizers booked them before and after the festival for their staff members who take care of the set up and removal. They furthermore became a point of interest for the tourism industry, weddings, company events or advertisement customers. And the flow of ideas for the creative founders doesn’t stop!

Indoor-Molo-Camping for the winter season, a green-camp with solar panels on the Molo-roofs, etc.

If you are interested in becoming an investor for this great project, please do not hesitate to send an Email to The three ambitious founders are still looking for investors to help pushing their project further and into a promising future for all involved in this great invention.

My Molo brings mobile accommodation directly to the location of the event. We create temporary living space and unique overnight experiences for events, festivals, trade fairs or the next glamping vacation by the water.
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