From the bunker to the mobile hotel room: What makes the 18/7001 festival so unique.

8. February 2024
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From the bunker to the mobile hotel room: The 18/7001 festival welcomes everyday refugees! At the festival near Berlin friends of electronic dance music can shake its hips between raw forests and abandoned concrete bunkers.

Dancing where the STASI submerges

The bunkers, which were originally intended to serve Stasi members from a possible nuclear attack, will be the location for a more enjoyable use. Small and intimate, no fat headliners, but carefully selected artists should make the international party people forget its everyday life. For those who don't want to come back to everyday life more stupid as before there are free bunker tours available. How cool is that?

Walls with ears & atomic bomb-proof bunkers

The festival is mostly barrier-free and accessible by wheelchair  - that means festival fun for all. The first floor opens Friday at 10:00am, on Sunday evening it ends at 10pm. If you want to close your eyes between and want to stay safe and comfortable overnight, you can stay in one of our lodges. They are probably not atomic bomb proof but guaranteed without GDR memory charm.

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Mobile hotel rooms and tents

No one attending the 18/7001 Festival has to spend the night on the backseat of their car or in tiny stinky tents. For the first time, this year’s visitors can choose to rent one of our Molos, instead of a tent. The lodges will provide you with everything needed at a festival: power, a fridge, a comfy bed for two as well as a nice chill out area with hammocks, deck chairs and awnings

Did u know, that...

... the bunker systems are to be converted into a technology center? The 18/7001 festival may be the last chance to visit the bunkers in their original form.

Date 18/7001 Festival 2018

The 18/7001 Festival takes place from 17.08. until 19.08.2018.

18/7001 opening hours

You can relax at the 18/7001 Festival 3 days in a historic setting and rough nature. From Friday 10.00 clock to Sunday evening 22.00 clock, the stages are recorded. Access to the camping site is possible from Thursday and must be cleared only on Monday morning. Our mobile hotel rooms are available from Thursday to Monday.

The campsite is open from 17.08.2018 to 20.08.2018. Our lodges are ready for occupancy from 17.08.2018 at 10.00 o'clock.

Arrival 18/7001 Festival

There will be a shuttle service to the festival from and to Berlin and from Bernau station. Shuttles between the festival site and Berlin can be booked via Bassliner now. Shuttles from/to Bernau will go Friday to Monday. The closest train stations are located in Werneuchen (approx. 14km→ train RB25) from Berlin and Bernau bei Berlin (approx. 18km
→ trains RB24, RB60, RE3, RE66 & S-Bahn S2) from Berlin.

If you want to drive by car, you should book a corresponding car ticket in advance, because wildlife parking is not allowed and will be punished with scratches in the paint by angry residents or towing.

Your mobile festival hotel at 18/7001 Festival 2018

The camping site is separated from the festival site. A site plan will follow shortly. Please keep in mind that the car parking and the caravan area are separate from the camping site and that no tents can be pitched in these areas.

Our foldable live-in containers also come with a chill out area with deck chairs, hammocks and awnings. Grab an ice cold beer out of the fridge and chillax with other festival addicts during the pre- and after party hours.

Book our Lodges from 349.00 EUR for the whole festival weekend. Additionally, use the provided hammocks, deck chairs, eco toilets, only available for Lodge guests. If you have any further questions regarding our Overnight-stay container, do not hesitate to contact us via e.g. Facebook!

Line Up 18/7001 Festival 2018

At the 18/7001 Festival, there's a mix of techno and ambient . Tom Talenberg, Jana Woodstock or Ansome but probably only connoisseurs say something. The complete lineup of the 18/7001 can be found here:

Ticketpreise 18/7001 Festival 2018

Weekend tickets for the Psychadelic Circus Festival 2018 are available from 84.00 EUR on. More Infos about the tickets >>

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