Festival Treatments Part 3: The perfect hangover breakfast & how to prevent the next hangover.

8. February 2024
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Is there anything better than waking up to a great, fat hangover breakfast? We don’t think so! Don’t let your hangover take over. This is why we have created the perfect hangover breakfast, a list of perfect treats that make you feel better and six golden rules, how to prevent the next hangover.

The perfect hangover breakfast: Drinks

- The most important rule is – No beer! No Bloody Mary! Don’t start with what you have stopped. It only makes your hangover sitting around the corner; ready to hit you hard when you least expect it.
- Also not a smart choice and I know how much it hurts saying it: No coffee! Don’t make your gastric mucosa hate you. Better have a cup of tea and/or some water.
- Add some electrolytes to your water in order to pimp your body system.

wasser katerkiller

The perfect hangover breakfast: Food

- It should be hearty and protein-rich.
- Besides hearty food, grab a hand full of nuts. Nuts contain a lot of good fat and provide you with additional energy.
- Grab a pretzel! Lye rolls will give your body back the salt you have lost due to heavy dancing.
- Something sweet, such as jams or fruits, are too acidic for your body now! Avoid them.
- Eat bananas - they are rich in calcium.
- No hot or spicy food. Give your stomach a break.
- Against bad mouth odour: Ginger or Neoangin. It neutralizes your breath.

Katerkiller Ingwer

How to prevent yourself from getting a hangover

The best way of not getting a hangover at all is listed below. Simply follow our six golden rules and don’t get wasted:

1. Rule: Establish a drinking basis!
Eat hearty food, preferably with a lot of carbs and/or fat, cause these foods slow down the absorption of alcohol.
2. Rule: One drink, one glass of water!
3. Rule: Ladies, take it easy.
Your body only removes 0.1 per mille per hour. Men can do up to 0.2 per mille. So be aware – you need double the time to remove all the alcohol from your body again.
4. Rule: No Alco pops!
We are too old for this now! Mixed drinks with sodas and a lot of sugar let your hangover grow.
5. Rule: Stuck with one sort of drink!
6. Rule: Electrolyte Powder
Before you start drinking boozes, treat yourself with some magnesium & calcium in order to keep your body system happy.

If you still get a hangover, please avoid Paracetamol! Better take some Ibuprofen or Aspirin. Paracetamol is getting removed from your body via the liver. This is why it takes you much more time to get over your hangover. For more information, have a look at our list “Travel-first-aid-kit” (Interner Link zum Artikel Notfallapotheke).

Your buddy the bucket

The final dance is with a bucket? Better avoid Aspirin as your stomach is already in a lot of trouble. In order to calm it down, eat or drink something with ginger. If thirst is taking over, don’t grab any juices or coffee. Tea and water will help you much better. And if you think that the worst part of your hangover is past you – your body will prove you wrong. The next beer shit is just waiting for you. Don’t try to treat or avoid it with anything stuffing. Take Buscopan instead and let it flow.

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