Festival Treatments Part 2: Alcohol. What to do, when your buddies are really game over.

8. February 2024
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Part 2 of our series “Rescue me – Festival Treatments“ is dedicated to the topic “alcohol”. We would like to show you the different stages of drinking, what a perfect hangover breakfast needs and some insider tips on how to avoid the smell of alcohol in your breath.

In the first part of Rescue Me – Festival Treatments (verlinkt intern zum ersten Teil) we have had a closer look at the topic drugs from a medical point of view. Drugs on festivals are a little bit like tomatoes on mozzarella cheese: Everything is possible. Some people can have it and some never had a will to even try it. It’s different when it comes to alcohol. I can count my friends that are over 18 and have never ever tried alcohol on one hand. I need more hands to do the same thing with friends who haven’t tried drugs yet.

We decided on having a closer glance at the stages of alcohol consumption together with our personal Molo-doc. You’ll be amazed what a perfect hangover breakfast can look like and we would also like to give you some insider tips on how to prevent yourself from having a bad after-alc-smell in your mouth

The four stages of drinking

Stage one - Excitation – between 0.2 and 2.0 Per mille

We’ve all been there. This cosy, warm feeling that runs through your whole body: The new girlfriend of our best bro isn’t that bad at all, we are full of euphoria, we babble, we stumble but are still able to easily put ourselves back into an upright position. We are tipsy!

No need to worry or need for action.

Hilft auf keinen Fall: Konterbier.

Stage two - Hypnoses - between 2.0 and 2.5 Per mille

This stage is usually the stage most of us who drink reach. When babbling turns into an indefinable language, combined with some difficulties regarding our body coordination. We may become really, really tired. Who didn’t fall asleep on a friend’s lap? You may have also had a fit of rage. And then you vomit. On your best friend’s shoes. Damn it.

Action required! If your friends start becoming tired, better keep an eye on them. Women wearing high heels also have a higher risk of falling and hurting themselves. 

Stage three - Narcosis – between 2.5 and 4.0 Per mille

The lucky one’s of us have never reached this stage. This stage isn’t funny anymore. You may find yourself in a state of shock or it makes you even lose your consciousness.

Action required! This is the moment when you HAVE to make an emergency call and put your drunk buddy into the recovery position. Your mate’s body is now not able to protect itself anymore without external help. Please don’t stop checking the breathing, as stage 4 is just around the corner.


Stage four - Asphyxia – 4.0 Per mille and up

Friends, we luckily have never ever reached this awful stage. This is when you fall into a coma or stage of shock → circulatory failure → death / irregular, spontaneous breathing → respiratory arrest/apnoea → death / hypothermia → death.


Each body reacts differently - please keep that in mind. Factors such as body weight, genetically disposition, how often you drink and how much are only some of the aspects that are responsible for on how much you can “take”. For some people 3 per mille can already lead to death. Others may die at 6 per mille. In general, as soon as your friends starts to shake (valid for all kinds of drugs) or doesn’t show any reaction, an emergency call is essential. No matter if he starts to hallucinate after drinking a lot of boozes (more common for alcohol addicts), always call a doctor. Be aware that anyone who fails to render assistance to a person in danger will be found liable for it!

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