Festival Overview Germany: The Top 100 Festivals in Germany 2018

8. February 2024
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This festival overview Germany is your guide through the Festival Summer 2018. We have had a closer look at the top 100 festivals in Germany and created a info chart for you with facts & figures about the festival landscape in Germany. Where do most of the people dance the night away? Where are the most popular festivals for free and other dates.

Festival Overview Germany: How many festivals are there in Germany?

Well, a bit more than 500 actually. Some festivals last only one day, some of them are city festivals for free. However the Visitors are often spoiled for choice and the festival business is highly competitive. As new festivals start, the list of festivals in Germany that are paused or canceled is also growing. For example, festivals like the Chiemsee Summer or Utopia Island are pausing this year. The legendary Fusion Festival is back. And the Rockavaria takes after a breather last year a new start. A new trend are small but fine electro festivals, which are supposed to attract international party folks, especially in Brandenburg. For example, the 18/7001 Festival will take place for the first time - matching the genre in an old bunker. The Twin Lakes Festival and the Oewerall Festival take place for the second time, framed by a beautiful landscape of lakes.

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Much older is the Open Flair Festival in Hessen, which takes place since 1985. Some German music events though have reached worldwide fame over the past 20 years, such as the Wacken Open Air. By contrast, there are just a few offshoots of internationally successful festivals in Germany: The Lollapalooza in Berlin is one of those. After several relocations (2016 Treptower Park, 2017 Racetrack Hoppegarten), the popular festival takes place this year near the Berlin Olympic Stadium.

Overview biggest festivals worldwide

There are some festivals from our festival overview germany, which are ranked as on of the biggest festivals in the world: Rock am Ring is one of the largest typical music festivals in the world - city festivals such as the World Club Dome in Frankfurt (around 120,000 visitors) are exceptions. Proud 90,000 visitors flock every day at the Rock am Ring to Nürburg (2017). Ranked # 1 in the world is Glastonbury (UK), which manages over 175,000 visitors, closely followed by the Electric Daisy Carnival (US) with 130,000 guests per day.

The most successful festivals by sales

The Coachella is the world's biggest-selling festival. The organizers earn more than $ 84 million in 2015. Meanwhile, sales are likely to be significantly higher: Glamping, supermarkets, shops - now there is nothing that does not exist there. And German festivals are also included in the list of the world's top-selling festivals: Rock am Ring and Rock am Park generate a double-digit million sum. In Germany, sales of music events increased significantly from just under € 7bn (2016) to almost € 9bn (2018). However, this also includes concerts.

List of top festivals in Germany - the top 100

In this festival overview germany we've had a closer look at the German festival landscape and created an extensive festival list. We only included festivals that attracted over 3,000 visitors last year. Here you will find 100 possibilities (in alphabetical order) to escape from everyday life for several days and indulge in a wide variety of music genres:

Rock, Electro & Pop festivals are most popular

From Swing to GOA, German festivals will please every taste. All hit songs (or “Schlager”) and/or fans of Latin-music though have to remain strong – these kinds of open-air festivals have become less popular whereas all Rock-, Electro- and Pop-Fans have more opportunities  now than ever to dance and celebrate their music genre. Incidentally, popular music festivals such as the Brass Wiesn are a special recommendation from us: the love of detail and the friendly atmosphere are special here.

Festivals by federal state               

Bavaria is top of the list. About 18 % of the examined festivals – which is the majority of all events – are taking place in Bavaria. The largest ones, beside the Tollwood summer festival (900.000 visitors), are the “Bardentreffen” in Nuremberg (200.000 visitors) and the “Africa Festival” in Nuremberg (250.000 visitors). Not so big, but offering a fantastic electro-line-up and great visuals: Burning Beach with about 5.000 visitors. The Ikarus Festival allows you to dance yourself into another sphere while listening to the finest electro sounds. North Rhine-Westphalia, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Lower Saxony, Brandenburg and Hesse are next in this list.

Average number of visitors Festivals Germany

So many people are celebrating our favourite festivals with us – in average. Top of the charts are city festivals, which are usually for free: Top of the list with an unreachable number of  1 million visitors is Bochum Total (1 million visitors), the Tollwood Summer Festival with 900,000 visitors. Closely followed by the May Weeks, where around 800,000 guests bring Osnabrück to a boil. The largest paid festivals are World Club Dome in Frankfurt (this year also with camping etc.), Rock am Ring, Rock im Park and the Lollapalooza.

Incidentally, you can request the entire festival overview with visitor numbers, dates, music genre etc. as an excel file by e-mail! [wpforms id="2033" title="false" description="false"]

You can find us on certain festivals this year. Which ones? Just check our section Festivals.

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