Festival Camping like a Boss: Lodge instead of tent at the splash!-Festival

8. February 2024
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Chabos know who the babo is: Splash Festival Camping like a boss – friends of the rude tone in the form of recitative don’t have to crawl back into their tent anymore at the mother of all German Hip-Hop-Festivals. Treat yourself with one of our Festival-Camp-Lodges – after 2016 for the second time in a row part of the fun.


Camping at the splash!-Festival is getting more comfortable!

Forget about standing in line to get on a portable toilet or surviving the hangover on a mat in your tent. Nod your head and say yes to your own four walls – directly on site. Take advantage of amenities such as power sockets, exclusive access to eco-friendly toilets, a chill-out-area to enjoy one or a couple of hangover beers in the company of others. While some drunks decide on peeing against your tent on the regular camping ground, the Camping Plus area is for those who like it more decent. This is what splash!-permanent guest Peter appreciates. The ticket for 49.90 Euros allows you access to the Camping-Plus-Ground - doesn’t seem to be a bargain, but hey – what’s a warm and dry festival experience worth? The best thing is: Your car can be parked next to your tent or Festival-Lodge, always in sight and not a march away from where you stay.


Everybody who doesn’t see a festival as a “way to destroy yourself in order to recover from the real world”, is welcome to use one of the hot showers in the Camping-Plus-Area. Only 100 meters away from where our Festival-Lodges are located. A Shuttle to the festival-area keeps you on the right track and ensures a save journey to where the Party is happening. Arrive save and sound in your home for the weekend. The splash!-Festival is an annual party since 1998, which switched in 2009 to the Ferropolis-Area in Gräfenhainichen – a former mining ground which has become the impressive open air museum "Ferropolis - Stadt aus Eisen" (“Ferropolis – city of iron”) and got transformed into this amazing event location.

You are only one click away from your personal camping joy

Did you know, that...

...the splash!-Festival was founded by the Hip-Hop-Combo Tefla & Jaleel from Chemnitz?

Impressions splash!-Festival 2016

What a party at the splash!-Festival in 2016. You missed it? Don’t worry! Check out last years after-movie:

Dates splash!-Festival

The Festival is taking place from the 06th July 2017 – 09th July 2017.

Festival-Ground splash!

The festival-area is located in Gräfenhainichen on the Ferropolis-Ground.

How to get to the splash!-Festival

Festival address: Ferropolisstraße 1, 06773 Gräfenhainichen

If you arrive by car

  • Exit Dessau Ost
  • B 185 (L131) Direction Oranienbaum
  • In Oranienbaum: Turn right on B107, direction Gräfenhainichen
  • Between Jüdenberg and Gräfenhainichen turn left in direction
  • Ferropolis (sings to Ferropolis will guide you from the highway exit to the festival area)

splash!-Festival Camping & Opening Hours

The splash!-Festival provides several camping spots: Besides the regular camping ground, two other big ones will be opened for further camping gurus: The Green-Camping-Area and the Camping-Plus-Area. The main camping ground and the Camping-Plus-Area are located next to the B107. All camping grounds provide access to the Ferropolisstraße. The camping grounds will open parallel to the regular Check-In times and are open from Thursday, 2 pm, until Monday noon.

Line Up splash!-Festival

Stars like Materia and Kool Savas have already confirmed their performance, as well as Bonez MC and RAF Camora, Travis Scott and Mac Miller. Musicians, who have established themselves as the “who is who” of the German rap scene, can be found at the splash! every year. The Line-Up completes with rap stars from the States, such as Rick Ross. For further information, please click here: Line-up splash! Festival

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