Deichbrand Festival Camping: Feels like visiting the allotment at the Deichbrand Festival.

8. February 2024
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Hello allotment! We’re back! Every one who likes it a bit more decent is welcome to join our allotment at the Deichbrand Festival (aprox. 45.000 visitors), including a little plot of land, breakfast and flowers next to your bed.

The camp is decorated with love – about 1.3 kilometres away from the festival area – and offers everything you would expect to find in an allotment garden location: Shared amenities, festoons, a shop as well as a camp-supervisor. It’s not just camping! Campers bring everything they need to make themselves feel like home: couches, beer taps, simply all you need to get the right festival feeling. Treat yourself a little with one of our lodges. Our Molos are part of the Deichbrand Festival for the second time in a row now. This is just another way to rest - besides tepees or so-called Igloo tents. Comfort Camping is not new to the Deichbrand Festival. The organisers have already tested out several ways of Festival-living-in-solutions over the past few years.Datei_000 (4)

Impressions Deichbrand Festival 2016

What a party at the Deichbrand Festival in 2016. You missed it? Don’t worry! Check out last years after-movie:

Dates Deichbrand Festival

The festival is taking place from the July 20th 2017 - July 23rd 2017.

Festival-Ground Deichbrand

The festival-area is located near the Airport Nordholz.

How to get to the Deichbrand Festival

If you are going by CAR from Bremen/Bremerhaven you should take the A27 towards Cuxhaven. Coming from Hamburg you should take the B73 towards Cuxhaven and then change to the A27 towards Bremen/Bremerhaven. Either way, you take the Nordholz/Seeflughafen exit. As from this exit you should turn off your navigation system and follow the street signs towards the festival grounds. Along the way you will meet staff from our transport team. Please listen to their instructions as they have an overview on site traffic and it's their job to ensure that you get to your destination as soon as possible!

Deichbrand Festival Camping & Opening Hours

The Deichbrand Festival provides several camping spots: Besides the regular camping ground, two other big ones will be opened for further camping gurus: The Womo-Camp and the Schrebergarten-Area. The camping grounds will open parallel to the regular Check-In times and are open from Thursday, 1 pm, until Monday noon.

Ticketprices Deichbrand Festival

There a tickets from up to 138,00 Euro available at the Deichbrand Ticketshop.

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