Wiesn Guide: 5 tips for the Oktoberfest in Munich

8. February 2024
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Wiesn Guide: The so-called Wiesn in Munich are truly still very attractive for a visit! These 5 tips will help you to make the best out of your stay and to survive it without a massive hangover.

How do I get a table in one of the Oktoberfest tents?

On the weekends a previous reservation is absolutely essential, otherwise it becomes rather impossible to get a table in one of the tents. Bit note - you have to order a table months in advance, as the tents are very popular and only provide limited seats. During the week it is much easier to get something. Nevertheless, even though it is really hard to get a table on a Saturday or Sunday, it is yet not completely impossible. If you get up early and don’t mind queuing up, you may have luck and get one of the tables. Otherwise you would have wasted a whole morning waiting in the queue. If all of the above mentioned doesn’t help, push up your décolleté a bit more, make your Dirndl shorter and use your big eyes to convince one of the security guards to let you in. May doesn’t work for men though. Money and talking yourself in may also help, but always remain calm and polite.

Wiesn Guide: Tips for the Oktoberfest – The best time for a visit

Everyone who wants to experience the full Wiesn load should go there on one of the weekends. We suggest staying away from the funfair on the weekend and pick a day during the week. This is much more relaxed and it will be less crowded. Monday till Thursday between 10 am and 4 pm are much more recommendable. You will have to wait for hours (for everything) and there are less drunk visitors bumping into you all the time. It is even cheaper to find a room during the week, rather than on the weekend, e.g. in the Wiesn Camp or the so-called Wies'n Loft by My Molo.

Wiesn Guide: Tips for the Oktoberfest – Bare necessities: The “Oide Wiesn”

Everybody who prefers to visit the original Oktoberfest, just as is used to be back in the days, is highly recommended to go to the Oide Wiesn. Since 2010, the Oide Wiesn has been a place of true origin. Here, the Maß will be served in clay jugs, the rollercoasters are cheaper and more traditionally - a perfect spot for families with kids. Even the Maß is less expensive. The Oide Wiesn can be found on the Threse's Green, off the beaten tracks from the Oktoberfest. The entry fee is 3.00 EUR.
All information and tips around it can be found here >>

Wiesn Guide: Tips for the Oktoberfest - Outfit

Wearing traditional costumes is a must during the Oktoberfest. If you come in Jeans, don’t wonder about glimpses from other visitors. Dirndl and Lederhosen (leather pants) have to be purchased at one of the local traditional costume shops, not in a general costume store. Those original costumes don’t necessarily have to be expensive anymore. You can also rent them or buy them at a good price. A real traditional costume owner is able to see, whether yours are real or ready-made clothes. Attention: Lederhosen with Sneakers are not an option and can look pretty dump. Knee-highs and traditional shoes are sometimes much more comfy than white Sneakers. Just make sure that you have worn the shoes before. Take our advice; use the shoes in advance a few times. A hat and appropriate traditional jewelleries will complete your outfit. Ladies, BTW, always be aware of how to tie the bow of your apron. This is how you show the boys if you are willing to flirt or just want to remain by yourself at the Oktoberfest. Bow on the left means that the lady is single and you may try your luck. A bow on the right side is bad news for men on the prowl: It signals that the lady is already taken or even married. Don’t risk a slap and hold your horses down. A bow in the middle is the traditional sign to tell you: Virgin! It doesn’t mean that the lady is single or somewhat single. On the other hand, if the lady wears the bow in her back, she is either a widow or waitress. BUT: Not every Oktoberfest visitor knows about these secret codes. It may happen that they will still try to hook up with you, even though your bow is on the right.

Wiesn Guide: Tips for the Oktoberfest - Accommodation

If you prefer to rather not stay in one of the truly overprized hotels during the Wiesn season, we would like to support you with 5 other options for a nice and affordable accommodation:

1.) Wiesn Camp

The The Wiesn Camp in the riding arena of Riem has become a Oktoberfest institution: You can sleep in tents, trailers or so-called Wiesn-Lofts – our two-person-lodges with power supply, fridge, heater etc. can be booked from 99.00 EUR/night and fit two people.

2.) Das The Tent
The Tent is a low-budget-camping ground with an international touch.

3.) Hostival
The operators of the Tent town on the camping ground in Thalkirchen call the multi-bed tents ‘Hangover Hotel’, which might be the reason why the busty female receptionists are dressed like nurses.

4.) Apartment Swap
Sharing is caring: If you don’t have any problem with strangers staying at your place, an apartment swap might be another option and alternative to hotels.

5.)  Couchsurfing & Airbnb
If you prefer to stay with local people and a tiny room or even shared room isn’t bothering you – why not giving Airbnb, Wimdu oder 9flats a chance? Another good alternative is Booking.com, Agoda, HRS and Co.



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