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Open Flair

07.08. - 11.08.2024

Our Mission

Varied programme

with live music, workshops, cabaret and much more.

Festival tradition

The Festival has been taking place since 1985

Top Line-Up

with Marteria, Leoniden, Cro, Sportfreunde Stiller and more

in the middle of the city

different stages inside and outside the city centre

Festival Unterkünfte

We offer a wide selection of lodges, festival containers, and comfortable tents. From the 2.5 sqm tipi to event containers and comfort tents for up to 5 people, we have accommodation solutions in our portfolio for every group size, comfort requirement, and different budgets."
For guests
Transport of the accommodations, construction, and dismantling, reception on request, all-inclusive support for the camp from check-in to check-out.

For crew members

Chillout spots with hammocks, sun sails, festival sanitary facilities, camp bar, barbecue and fireplaces.

Sponsors / partners

Planning of customized brand camps, customer incentives, influencer camps, or event-in-event formats / side events.


address for navigation:
51.196896444600824, 10.055392682059695

Open Flair Green Camp C7, 37269 Eschwege

Open Flair Festival Camping, Vor dem Brückentor 4, 37269 Eschwege
My Molo brings mobile accommodation directly to the location of the event. We create temporary living space and unique overnight experiences for events, festivals, trade fairs or the next glamping vacation by the water.
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