What media companies think about My Molo.

8. February 2024
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Media hype: The first Festival-Season is over and the media appear to be very much interested in our project. Not only magazines like the „Welt“, „Tagesspiegel“ and many other newspapers have published articles about us, but also radio stations and TV channels have started to talk about My Molo. We have summarized some very great reports about us in our own media show for you.

The "Tagesspiegel" is looking for „ein Bett im Schlammfeld“ (“a bed in the mud’) and sees our Festival-Lodges as a unique comfort-zone.
read more here: tagesspiegel.de

The "Welt" describes our Festival-Lodges as „the new Festival-Tent“.
read more here: welt.de

The "Berliner Zeitung" shows their readers where „Punks like to rest after the concert.
read more here: berliner-zeitung.de

The Berlin city portal qiez.de describes very detailed where festival visitors get an opportunity to „Sleep like a baby in their own home“.
read more here: qiez.de

The Startup-Magazine “Startupvalley News” has interviewed Fritz and asked him about a lot of stuff, e.g. what are our experiences in view of being a Startup.
read more here: startupvalley.news

“Fuer-Gruender.de” has picked out popular business ideas for the StartupBrett (another popular Startup-Magazine) and decided on mentioning MyMolo besides Escort Agencies and Software developers.
read more here: fuer-gruender.de

The Berlin Radio station 94.3 rs2 tried to explain their listeners that sweating in a tent at the next festival isn’t necessary anymore.

Focus Online has also published an article about our emergency shelter project during the cold season and an „Innovative Lösung in Berlin – Berlin findet neue Lösung, Obdachosen zu helfen.” (“Innovative solution in Berlin – Berlin is finding new ways to help the homeless”)
read more here: focus.de

The „Berliner Zeitung“ has chosen to take a deeper look into our emergency shelter project and therefor interviewed the Deacon of the St. Pius Church, Wolfgang Willsch.
read more here berliner-zeitung.de

The „Tagesspiegel“ compares different projects for alternative ways to help homeless people to find a save place to stay at night.
read more here: tagesspiegel.de

The “rbb” concludes in their magazine „zibb“ that our Lodges as emergency shelters are “a model to act as a precedent for other services” in order to help the homeless.

My Molo brings mobile accommodation directly to the location of the event. We create temporary living space and unique overnight experiences for events, festivals, trade fairs or the next glamping vacation by the water.
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