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Sick of sleeping in a tent at a festival? No more back pain! Check in to your festival lodge with bed for two, access to power, WiFi and toilets! Being at a festival is more than just a weekend with good music and a lot of drinks. It’s a holiday away from your daily grind. Our festival camp is a place to recover and charge your battery for a perfect start in to the next party day, the place for getting together, celebrating old friendships and making some new ones. My Molo offers a ready-to-inhabit, conveniently equipped and utterly cosy temporary home within the festival area. We're helping organizers to pimp up their camping area and create new business opportunities.


Bed for two

No more back pains! Sleep like a baby on our provided mattresses!


In our lodges your battery is never running low! All molos are equipped with electricity, charging station and light. WiFi is optional.


Standing in line for ages for the Porta-John®? No way! Get your exclusive access to our eco-toilets.


Nothing can top a cold lager, right? All lodges are equipped with a fridge.

Chillout Area

Our camp is the place to be for the pre and after hour and the perfect point to meet cool people from all over the world. In our camp there will be deckchairs, hammocks available.

Sound- & heat-insulated

So the beat hits your feet outside, but no while you try to sleep.

Safety / lockable

Shut up! Your stuff from the crowd by simply locking the door of your lodge.

Air supply

Fresh air! Breeze in and out as you like!


No access allowed for raindrops!


Our lodges are foldable and consists of six walls made out of aluminium with a wooden top-coat, which are easy to be set up in no time.

For organizers

Start your own festival-village for your staff members (e.g. before and after the festival/event), visitors or booked artists! We provide you with an all-round carefree package, incl. our online-booking tool, on-site support and logistics.

Events/Company events/Weddings

The most beautiful sites are often to be found far away from overcrowded touristic places with massive hotel complexes. Find an alternative way to stay: go camping, but the comfy way.


Make your clients/customers dream about your brand – get your own brand-camp.

Long-term utilization

Whether as an open-air-hostel, Oktoberfest-camp or indoor-hostel. Our lodges suit every location and idea.


Some of our satisfied customers: NDR, Roskilde, Nova Rock, fritz kola, eve sleep, melt!, Deichbrand and many more.


Festival Overview

Roskilde Festival 2017

Short description: The Roskilde Festival is a Danish music festival held annually since 1971 in Roskilde. It is one of the largest music festivals in Europe and the largest in Northern Europe.

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Summer Breeze Open Air

Short description: The Summer Breeze Open Air is on of the biggest metal festivals with over 45.000 visitors. This year the metal festival celebrates it’s 20st anniversary.

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Mercedes-Benz Kitesurf World Cup 2017

Short description: The Kitesurf World Cup is the worldwide biggest kitesurf event. It takes place on the beautiful baltic sea island Fehmarn. Beside waveriding surfers there a lot of parties and side-events.

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MS Dockville

Kurzbeschreibung: Das MS Dockville ist ein Musik- und Kunstfestival, das seit 2007 in Hamburg stattfindet. Neben tollen Kunstprojekten sorgen dieses Jahr u.a. Annenmaykantereit und Alex Vargas für gute Stimmung.

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Wacken Open Air

Short description: The Wacken Open Air is one of the biggest and most popular metal festivals worldwide. It takes place annually in the small village of Wacken in Schleswig-Holstein, northern Germany.

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Nova Rock Festival

Short description: The Nova Rock is one of the biggest festivals in Austria. The rock festival takes place in June in Nickeldorf with top acts like Green Day, Linkin Park and Blink 182.

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Twin Lakes Festival

Short description: The Twin Lakes Festival is a small and familiar electro festival, which takes place in Brandenburg. This year popular DJs like Felix Kröcher, Aka Aka and Oliver Schories are shaking hands and hips.

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Open Beatz Festival 2017

Short description: The Open Beatz Festival is a electro festival, which takes place in Bavaria. This year popular DJs like Felix Kröcher, Aka Aka, and Cuebrik are shaking hands and hips.

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Rockharz Open Air

Short description: The Rockharz Open Air is a metal festival which takes place since 1994 in the Harz region. It is one of the most popular metal events in Germany.

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Singoldsand Festival

Kurzbeschreibung: Das Singolsand ist ein zweitägiges Festival im beschaulichen Schwabmünchen. Wenn die Idylle einer Kleinstadt auf dem Land mit der Wucht einer internationalen pulsierenden Pop-Welt verschmilzt und dann noch das unbekümmerte, bauernhofriechende Ländliche in dieser wahnwitzigen Metamorphose als Alpha-Gen dominiert, dann ist Singoldsand Festival-Zeit.

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Helene Beach Festival

Short description: The Helene Beach Festival is one of the most popular Festivals in the Berlin/Brandenburg region. The festivals takes place at the Lake Helene near the polish border and is popular for a 4 days beach party with popular german artists like Kool Savas, Alle Farben, Haftbefehl and many else.

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Ikarus Festival

Short description: The Ikarus Festival is one of the most popular Electro-Festivals in Germany. The festival takes place at a former military area in Bavaria, where electro freaks can choose between 6 different stages in the midst of a lovely decorated wood.

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Burning Beach Festival

Short description: Burning Beach Festival is one of the most popular Electro-Festivals in Southern Germany. In the heart of Bavaria near to the beautiful lake Brombachsee electro freaks can choose between 3 different area and rave directly on the beach.

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splash! Festival

Short description: The Splash! Festival is one of Europe’s biggest hip hop and reggae festivals. It takes place since 1998. Since 2009 the Ferropolis in Gräfenhainichen is the ground for the Splash! festival. Rappers such as Materia, Kool Savas or Mac Miller are shaking hands and hips.

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Deichbrand Festival

Short description: The Deichbrand Festival is one of the biggest Music-Festivals in Germany. Artists like Cro, Placebo and the Annenmaykantereit are shaking hands and hips.

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Airbeat One Festival

Short description: The Airbeat One Festival is one of the most popular Electro-Festivals in Northern Germany. It takes place at the airport Neustadt Glewe near Schwerin. Artists such as Armin van Buuren, Gestört aber GeiL and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mikeare shaking hands and hips.

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Open Flair Festival

Short description: The Open Flair is a Rock-Festival with a long tradition – since 1986 the festival is taking place on Werra-ISLAND Werdchen. This year there will be on stage performances by Billy Talent, Alligatoah, Antilopen Gang etc.

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melt! Festival

Short description: A flashing field of lights, pulsating beats and smiling faces. The melt! Festival offers a great mix of hot newcomers and international stars regarding electronic music, HipHop and Indie.

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