FAQ & technical details

What is a Molo?

A Molo is a modular lodge, which consist of six parts and is very easy to put up or down in no time. Our lodges offer everything for festival addicts and lovers: a bed for two, power access, fresh air supply, a mini-fridge, a table and clothes hooks. If desired, we could also provide you with eco-friendly toilets and a power generator.

What are the lodge’s technical data? My Molo – Data sheet

Measurements inside: 300cm long, 140cm wide, 230cm high
Measurements outside: 314.6cm long, 154.6cm wide, 254.1cm high

Amenities outside:
-Feet adjustable in height
-Door with an anti-panic-lock
-Windows in the back
-UV-laminated wooden décor
-Connections for earth grounding cable
-External socket (Schuko-socket 230V light flux)
-50mm isolation (for all walls)
-Every 8 lodges receive 1 eco-toilet

Amenities inside:
-Bed layer (55cm high)
-Mattress (high density foam core, leatherette cover, 200cm x 140cm x 12cm)
-Ventilation grille (30cm x 60cm)
-Clothes hooks
-2 power sockets (230V light flux)
-Power circulation ensured by a 30mA FI-switch (the whole electronically support system can be found in the bottom part oft he lodge)

Power generator My Molo:
-Endress ESE 20 YW continuous output [PRP] kVA/kW 3~ 17,6 / 14,0
-Lodges are grounded

Loading capacity – 5000 kg
Lift-height – 5500 mm
Construction-height – 2975 mm
Forklift-length – 1800 mm
Load centre distance –  600 mm
Pole – Triplex or telescopic slide-out

What does My Molo mean?

„Molo“ is the abbreviation of „Mobile Lodge“. It is our goal that „Molo“ becomes the Post-it for festival accommodations.

How can I book My Molo? We offer three different ways in order to book our lodges:

1.) Book our lodges as package for an all-inclusive price. We deliver the lodges, built them up and take them down again afterwards and take care, if desired, of the on-site support for the lodges. You could also merchandise the lodges via our online-booking tool in your own corporate identity by using a link or integrating an iframe to your website. With minimum effort for yourself.
2.) We merchandise the lodges at your event at our own peril. All we need is your support in advertising our lodges on your website and social media channels. With minimum effort for yourself.
3.) We can organize hand-in-hand a brand-camp for you. We will design the lodges exclusively after your wishes and desires, e.g. with individual, unmissable brandings on the lodges themselves, sun awnings or mini-fridges.

Do you have any recommendations for us? Get in touch! Send an Email to info@mymolo.de

What about the bond? For using our lodges you need to provide a bond of 150.00 Euro per lodge, which will be added to your booking and has to be paid by the tenant. Possible defects, which might be discovered when returning the lodge, will be set off against the provided bond. The tenant has to assume liability in case of any damages caused by him or his fellow passengers in the amount of the damaged goods, even if the caused damage is higher than the previously provided bond.
Duty of replacement is excluded if it comes to damages caused by weather conditions (e.g. through storms or hail).
In case of extreme pollution of the lodges, caused by the tenant, and if the tenant is not willing to clean up his mess before returning his lodge, we will charge up to 50% of the bond for subsequent cleaning.

Where can I set up the lodges?

On solid grounds (green, hayfield, meadow) or concrete areas, asphalt areas, all, preferably, flat areas. No sand, land-like or muddy/everglade areas! The way to the location has to suit the needs of a 40T semi trailer. One lodge has a base size of 4,8qm²

How do I register the lodge with the local authorities?

The lodges have to be registered with the local authorities (mostly at the local building department) at least 2 weeks in advance as so-called temporary „flying constructions“. There will be random checks at tenant’s expenses. We will provide a checklist note from the German TÜV-Rheinland when approving the lodges. All costs occurring through the local authorities are at tenant’s expenses.