Affordable Oktoberfest Accommodations you should visit.

Affordable Oktoberfest accommodations during the Oktoberfest are hard to find. The so-called „Wiesn“ are an absolute superlative when it comes to folk festivals and funfairs. There’s no other place in the world where beer is served in such high amounts, cooling the throats of its thirsty visitors. Tons of pork sausages and roast chickens get sold during this event. Visitors and curious spectators from all around the world are making their way to the Therese’s Green (Theresienwiesen) at the end of September/ begin of October.

The Oktoberfest by numbers

The festival is economically very important for Munich and the area around it, even though it usually ends in a massive hangover for most of the visitors. About 13.000 people have worked on the Wiesn in 2017, taking care of the 6.2 million guests and their thirsty throats. Even though the “Maß” (1 litre of beer) is getting more and more expensive (by now it cost between 10.60 EUR and 10.95 EUR), the Oktoberfest is still a place to be. Rising accommodation fees have, at least, one positive side effect: New innovative and unique ways of lodging are getting created. We would like to show you 5 unusual and affordable lodgings during the Folk festival in Munich.

Affordable Oktoberfest accommodations – Wiesn Camp

The Wiesn Camp in the riding arena of Riem has become a Oktoberfest institution: You can sleep in tents, trailers or so-called Wies’n-Lofts – our two-person-lodges with power supply, fridge, heater etc. can be booked from 99.00 EUR/night and fit two people. There are parking spaces, Internet and, at a premium, shared amenities and a cosy Wiesn Lodge with breakfast, food in general as well as a lot of boozes for an appropriate Wies’n warm-up. Walking to the S-Bahn (public train) station will only take you 10 minutes. You will have to change at Stachus station and after a 20 minutes ride on the train – you have finally arrived at the Therese’s Green. There will be 55 of our Lodges available during the Oktoberfest this year. Book yours right here >>

Affordable Oktoberfest accommodations – The Tent

The Tent is a low budget tent camp with an international heart. You can either set-up your own tent or rent a tent that has already been set-up for you. The camp is located in a public park, only a 5 minutes walk away from the station “Botanischer Garten” (Botanical Garden) and about 5 kilometres away from the BMW museum. The simple tents offer shared amenities with showers, bunk beds and beddings. A night is available from 15.00 EUR/person and if you bring your own tent, you only have to pay 8.00 EUR/night for the spot. Leaves space in the wallet for beer 😉

Affordable Oktoberfest accommodations – Hostival (Camping Ground Thalkirchen)

The operators of the Tent town on the camping ground in Thalkirchen call the multi-bed tents ‘Hangover Hotel’, which might be the reason why the busty female receptionists are dressed like nurses. Getting over the own hangover or having a proper warm-up for the Oktoberfest is barely possible in the tent town. The tents are tiny and less comfy, so if you are looking for a cosy, private and quiet accommodation during the funfair – better go somewhere else. If you are looking for a place to stay that cost you around 60.00 EUR/night, you will find a place here. Even though it doesn’t seem to be a bargain.

Affordable Oktoberfest accommodations – apartment swap

Sharing is caring: If you don’t have any problem with strangers staying at your place, an apartment swap might be another option for you and a good alternative to hotels. There are a lot of people who actually try to get away during the Oktoberfest season. Common platforms are HomelinkHaustauschferienIntervacSpaceexchangeSwapeo or Homeforhome.

Affordable Oktoberfest accommodations – Couchsurfing and Airbnb

If you prefer to stay with local people and a tiny room or even shared room isn’t bothering you – why not giving Airbnb, Wimdu or 9flats a chance? Another good alternative to, Agoda, HRS and Co. Nevertheless, real bargains are comparable with a treasure hunt during the Oktoberfest season and rather impossible to find. Au contraire: The prices for rooms can easily reach several hundreds of EUR per night. This is why it is much cheaper to choose, where people from around the world offer their sleeping couch or guest bed to people for free. This volunteer platform is operated by volunteers and offers great alternatives to the rather more commercial travel market.

Affordable Oktoberfest accommodations around Munich

If you don’t mind a longer ride to the funfair, have a look at accommodation offers around Munich. The way to the Therese’s Green is not very nice, though. The public U- and S- Bahn (trains) are not always in service, even though it’s Wiesn Season. You may have to take a cap in order to get back to your accommodation or hotel, which can be very expensive.

List Oktoberfest Camping Grounds Munich

Wiesn Camp – Reitstadion Ried
Schichtlstr. 46-48 (Zugang über Landshamerstr.)
81929 München – Riem
Phone:   +49 (0)89 – 4625 3232

Camping Ground München Thalkirchen
Zentralländstraße 49
81379 München
Phone: +49 (89) 7231707

Camping Ground München Obermenzing
Lochhausener Straße 59
81247 München
Phone: +49 (89) 8112235

Camping Ground Langwieder See
Eschenrieder Straße 119
81249 München
Phone: +49 (89) 8641566

Camping Ground Nord-West
Schrederwiesen 3
80995 München
Phone: +49 (89) 1506936