Comfort Camping at Ikarus Festival

Ikarus Festival 2016

Ready for take off. Luxury Camping at the Ikarus Festival? Impossible! Well, until now. The unique 3 days long festival (Thursday, 08th June 2017 – Sunday, 11th June 2017) on a former military air base, which is – beside it’s huge range of internationally famous acts – known for it’s exceptional style and location, is now offering a more cozy version of camping for the first time.

More convenient than camping

Festival-visitors, who are not seeking for a tent to crawl in after a long day at their favorite festival, can now switch to one of our cozy Festival-Lodges. The times of stumbling over the strings of your neighbours tents or freezing as hell in a cold swag are finally over. Why not enjoying the comfort of having a fridge? A power socket? A fan? Or even an eco-friendly toilet? The Festival – named after a well-known descendant of the Greek god Hephaistos – takes place in the lovely Bavarian “Schwabenländle”. A former military air base is the perfect location for lovers of electronic beats. The party folk can choose between six stages, with the beautiful Allgäu in the background. A stunning idyll for leaving reality for a couple of days until the sun hits the ground and comes back again to brighten up another day in paradise. The go-cart track next to it is following the slogan „don’t drink and drive“. A pool to cool down again after a hot dance is on site, but not meant to be used as a toilet. This is the duty of the open air showers and restrooms. Everybody who likes it more comfy is welcome to use one of the fee-charged sanitary facilities. Shit as long as you want – all possible with the „Shit & Shower Flatrate Ticket“, available for 7.00 Euros.

If visitors decide on taking a power nap, even though the music beats are running 24/7, they are able to use a noise isolated forest between the camping ground and the stages, set up by the organizer. Clever! ;). Early bird tickets are completely sold out, but there might be some more available soon in the Ikarus Festival Ticketshop. Come and enjoy!

Impressions of the Ikarus Festival 2016

850500-_0014_ikarus020More pictures can be found in the photo gallery of the Ikarus Festival itself.

Dates Ikarus Festival

08th June 2017 (Thursday) – 11th June 2017 (Sunday)

Festival Area

The festival area is located at a former military air base in the Bavarian Allgäu.

Address for your navigation system:
87766 Memmingerberg (NOT Memmingen!)
Am Flughafen 42

How to get to the Ikarus Festival by car

Highway Exit:
A96 Exit Memmingen Ost
Please follow the exit Memmingen Ost with the airplane symbol until you reach Allgäu Airport Memmingen.

Ikarus Festival Camping

The camping ground is separated from the festival area by a forest. In order to enter the ground, you need to have a camping-ticket. Entry starts Thursday at noon. Maneuver over is Sunday at 4 pm. You can leave and enter the camping ground with your camping wristband anytime you like.

Line Up Ikarus Festival

In 2016, stars like Anja Schneider, Aka Aka or Sven Väth were eager to contribute the festival. A confirmed appearance at the festival in 2017 has been made by Alle Farben and Tube & Berger.

Ticket Prices Ikarus Festival

The price for a ticket can differ between 74.90 Euros for the Weekend Ticket and 129.90 Euros for the Weekend VIP Ticket. For further information please go to the Ikarus Festival Ticket side.